Berit Bergstrom
Berit Bergström
Senior Advisor / NCS Colour AB / Sweden

Mrs Bergström is working as a Senior Advisor for NCS Colour AB in Stockholm, Sweden. Mrs Bergström has a lengthy experience giving colour design courses and presentations worldwide in NCS on a very high level. She has carried out colour design courses for countless colour professionals and has conducted colour studies at university level worldwide. She has also carried out colour research projects, one of which with the purpose to inform professional colourists about useful results from Swedish colour research work. This was published in a booklet in Swedish and English. Mrs Bergström is the Past President of AIC and held the Presidency for 2010 to 2013. She was the chairperson of the AIC Study Group on Colour Education between 1998 and 2009. AIC is an international colour research organisation with annual meetings held around the world. She is the secretary of the Swedish Colour Centre Foundation.

Session: Workshop 1 – Art and Science of Colour Communication

Date: 13 Jun